About us


Art Is The New Technology” – Somto Ajuluchukwu, Creative Director, Vortex, Inc. Vortex, Inc. is a creative content and entertainment company from the heart of Africa, Nigeria, exporting African culture through visual and sonic artistry, we are an integration of creative expressions which deliver high quality entertainment through various media from comics, cartoons, art, film and so much more bridging the gap between Arts and technology through digital media. Vortex is formulated by the following companies under one body: Vortex Comics, Illusive comics, Vortex Cable (Animation), Vortex Line (Strategic Marketing, production and distribution), Prima Vista (performance and contemporary art culture), VAPP (Creative Software development; Games, apps), Vortex Academy (Educational content and tutorship currently running programme in BIS & Grange School), Buzz (Lifestyle creative content magazine) and Vortex Share (Charity & Community development). Vortex is most know for the brand Vortex comics which publishes a wide array of comics annually and has been published severally on local and international media as the fastest growing creative content publishing company.

An industry rising: XII Exhibition, Oriental hotel, 2015

Somto Ajuluchukwu

Creative Director, CEO (President), Co - Publisher

Welcome to the Vortex, thank me later.
Micheal Kayode,
Head Of Operations, Animation, Co-Publisher

I love magic, but magic is nothing but a joke till its properly executed that’s what we deliver at vortex execution that leaves your hearts enchanted.
William Nwogbo
Head Of Technology, Digital Experience

We respect the rules enough to break them and replace them with even better standards, raising the bar isn’t a thing of pride it’s simply growth.
Charles Nwachebelu
Content Executive, Project Management, Vortex Line Manager

What you see is barely a fraction of what you would receive welcome to vortex, imperfection is what we sell to a perfect world, we would always have what you are missing.